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The Institute of Business Publications

Get the information you need—when you need it. The Institute of Business Publications is the fastest-growing publisher of business-to-business newsletters for professionals who need a finger to the pulse of their industries. Our publications deliver vital industry updates packed with actionable information in a hard-hitting, easy-to-read style. Subscribers can rest assured they’ll never be blindsided by sudden developments that could affect the way they do their jobs. 

The experienced editors who write our publications are among the best respected in their professions. They’ve spent significant time gathering feedback from subscribers to best understand the kind of information they need most. Our B2B newsletters get to the point fast—without filler of fluff.

Currently, IOBP offers three publications. Our business newsletter for HR managers is intended for any and all industries. Geared toward helping supervisors understand employee-related issues, it features quick summaries of the latest lawsuits, rulings and updates related to personnel management. Read up on what’s happening in the world of sexual harassment, gender, age and race discrimination and more. 

With HR Manager’s Legal Alert for Supervisors, you’ll learn when and how to take action to prevent a potential lawsuit.

Our other business-to-business publications are focused on workplace safety and are ideal for helping managers in manufacturing, construction, utilities, public works and other hazardous industries. Now, you can gain insight into how to prevent worker injuries and related costly lawsuits. Learn about incidents that have led to lawsuits and what the outcomes mean for your business. 

Safety Alert for Supervisors provides supervisors with insider information on how to protect their crew members from workplace hazards. OSHA Compliance News alerts safety mangers to the latest OSHA news and developments that could change the way they do their jobs.

Each information-packed newsletter provides quick and concise summaries of industry developments, plus actionable tips that you can help you avoid injuries and lawsuits.

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Why It Pays to Keep Your Managers Informed

In a world where one off-color remark — or one safety slip-up — can prompt a costly lawsuit and countless headaches, savvy businesses understand that preventing problems is key. 

At the Institute of Business Publications, we produce newsletters centered on work safety and HR issues. We make it possible for managers to remain up to date on the latest industry developments while keeping personnel and safety issues top of mind. We specifically create these newsletters to maximize efficiency: you get the most value in the shortest time with subscriptions that quickly pay for themselves. 

With our hard-hitting summaries and relevant news, HR and safety managers can quickly learn what’s happening in the world of discrimination, harassment and safety and how to handle these HR and safety challenges. Gaining this insight can make all the difference between a company that is inundated with expensive lawsuits and one that is prepared and protected.

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